Behind The Lens
Before I get too far ahead of myself, lets start with introductions. My name is Amy Broersma and I am a happily married mother of 4. My husband and I are highschool sweethearts and we recently celebrated our 9 year wedding anniversary. We have 3 beautiful little girls and 1 precious baby boy -- yes, they're a joyous handful -- ages 7, 6, 4, and 6 months. They fill my life with love and laughter. And also lots of pretty pink things that get covered in mud - because as much as they love to be princesses, they like to rough house and play in the dirt too. After 7 years of pink princess things, all this blue boy stuff is so exciting! All 3 girls just love thier baby brother, and they are such big helpers too.

I'm not just a mom, though. I'm a lover of the arts, a fan of good food and an accomplished photographer. I am a small town girl with a love for all things 'redneck'. Lifted trucks, bonfires, summer nights under the stars with family and good friends are just a few of my favorite things.

I started my business back in 2009 and have been blessed to capture countless clients celebrating love in whatever stage of life they're in. Whether it's couples, families, weddings, maternity or newborns, I love capturing those precious moments and important milestones. I understand the value of a photograph. I lost both of my parents to cancer at a very young age, and I treasure all of the photographs I have of their lives.

I know you have many choices when it comes to choosing your photographer, and that price is always a consideration. I believe your decision to use me as your photographer is an investment. You are investiong in my skill, knowledge, and customer service. I am investing in your life and I am devoted to capturing your memories with the utmost precision and dedication. When you hire me, I hope and pray it is a long term relationship. 

Preserving memories for years to come is so important to me. Let me share my passion and years of photography experiece with you. 

Photo Credit: Marry Me Photography, LLC